Welcome to the EU Member State GHG inventories Kyoto Protocol and MMR Support Platform.

This forum is password protected forum for use by only the project team and designated MS experts. Passwords can be issued by the project administration.

We have set up this forum for the exchange of advice and solutions for Greenhouse Gas estimation and reporting under the UNFCCC Kyoto Protocol. This forum is designed to be for exchanges between MS and between MS and the project support team experts. The forum is designed for the following activities:

  1. MS to post questions and receive answers from other MS or from our individual project team experts
  2. Experts (MS or Project Team) to post useful solutions to common problems
  3. Project team to post relevant material (e.g. workshop presentations and material)

This forum http://mskp-support.wikidot.com/forum:start will hopefully hold all issues and solutions (that MS are happy to be viewed by other MS experts). The description of the issue in the MS action plan can be copied into a simple post on the forum and our experts (or other MS experts) will be able to add replies with views on how to solve the issues.

We accept that some issues are more complex and will need some bilateral discussion/visits to solve. For these we would still like you to post the issue on the forum so that other MS can see it. Our expert will come back to it later with a summary of the solution and perhaps a link to more detailed guidance on how the problem was solved to share with other MS.

We will never upload any background material or working documents provided by MS to our experts without consent, and even then only if they provide a useful example of a solution.

Project team experts and MS forum users are encouraged to identify themselves (and their MS association where applicable) in their wiki details to make it easier for users to get a full understanding of specific issues, solutions and who is providing answers. Any sensitive issues/questions can be presented to the project team outside of this forum by sending an email to moc.ku-rehtea|niwdoog.nitsuj#moc.ku-rehtea|niwdoog.nitsuj or moc.se-rehtea|zepol.apep#moc.se-rehtea|zepol.apep. These issues will be dealt with bilaterally by the project team experts and the MS. Any direct bilateral contacts can also be made by sending private messages between wikidot users by clicking on the username.

Please be sensitive to individuals and individual MS issues and avoid naming MS in your forum text in association with issues (unless you want to refer to some good practice solution). We intend to moderate the forum and ensure that there is no posting of any negative references to specific MS. If you feel any content is in any way damaging please inform moc.ku-rehtea|niwdoog.nitsuj#moc.ku-rehtea|niwdoog.nitsuj or moc.se-rehtea|zepol.apep#moc.se-rehtea|zepol.apep and we will edit and refine the text or remove the post/reply.

Accessing the Forum

In order to access the forum you will need a Wikidot account (which is free) and the forum password (which can be obtained from the Commission project officer or the project team leader).

Using the Forum

The forum contains separate sections: Energy, Industrial Process, Agriculture, LULUCF, Waste and a section on Cross Cutting Issues. Within each section is a list of important issues related to the preparation of 2015 GHG inventories and MMR reporting.

You can use the search function (top right) to search for key words and phrases posted in the forum.

If you want to see all the posts a particular member has made then you can click on their member name, then select "profile page" then on the profile page select "Recent posts and comments".

Adding content to the Forum

Any member of the forum can start a new thread in any of the Forum categories

  1. Go into the category relevant to the thread you are going to create and click on the "Create a new thread" button.
  2. Use a new thread for a new question or new solution that you want to present.
  3. The new thread will need a title, summary and some main text. Please keep the title short but make the title text relevant to the IPCC categories that it focusses on. Please include relevant keywords (such as IPCC codes) in the summary and the description to help users find relevant threads in the search.
  4. Once the content has been added, click "Post".
  5. If you want to link to other posts paste in the permanent link from the post you want to link to (to copy a permanent link for a post click on the "options" link immediately below the post and select "permanent link", then copy the URL and paste onto your new post).

Links to external websites or uploaded files can be added to the thread and certain formatting can be added using the visible buttons. Posts can be edited by the author after they have been posted.

Threads can be moved by site admin if needed. They cannot be deleted.

Replying to Forum content

Any forum member can reply to posts within the thread by clicking "Reply". Replies should be directly relevant to the main post in the thread. This could be providing a solution or elaborating on the original question.

Within a thread any forum member can create a new "post" for a related question/solution in the same thread using the "New Post" link.

Posts and replies can be edited and deleted by its author or site admin.

Guidance Section

The Guidance section will contain additional technical guidance as it is developed to address specific issues. This could include case study material from the 10 MS visited (without MS names if necessary) or workshop material and outcomes. This section will be updated by the core team with the help of the project teams experts.

The difference between the Forum and the Guidance.

Fourm = iterative questions and solutions where we are probing on the issue and trying to find solution.. highly active
Guidance: = a solution. Could be results of a workshop, some presentation of deeper analysis (e.g. review of CS EFs for petrol and diesel across MS) or a tidied up forum thread once we have identified the issue and agreed on a specific solution.

Private Messaging

As mentioned above, it is possible for members to send private messages to other members of the site. This is done by clicking on the name of the member you wish to message. A "User Info" box will appear and at the bottom of this is a link to "Write private message".

This will take you to your Wikidot account portal where you can write the private message. Replies will be sent to this Wikidot inbox and a notification will appear at the top right of the screen when you are on this website. E-mail notifactions to a non-Wikidot inbox can also be set up.

Uploading/downloading files

Members can upload files to the website by clicking on the "upload/download files" button at the top of the page. This is a depository for files relating to this website. Each file will be referenced in their relevant forum post so that other members can identify them on this page and download the content if they wish.

Uploading files

Members wishing to upload files need to:

  1. Click on the "upload/download files" button at the top of the webpage
  2. Click on "Manage attachments" near the bottom of the webpage
  3. Click on "Upload a file from your computer" at the bottom of the webpage
  4. Click on "Select files" and then select the files you wish to upload in the pop-up window
  5. Click on "Upload files"

Your file(s) are now uploaded to the website. These can now be referenced in your appropriate thread. References can either be:

  • unlinked to file by stating its filename so that members can locate it in the list below
  • linked to the file using the link /system:files/file%name.extension

If you wish to rename/delete your file, this can be done on the file depository webpage by clicking on "Manage attachments" and then "Options" of the file you wish to rename/delete.

Downloading files

If a thread has referenced a file then this can be found in the file depository. To access this, click on the "upload/download files" at the top of the page. The thread will reference the name of the file, so this can be found in the list of files.

Click on the name of the file to download it.

Language and Terminology

To ensure consistency within the forum, we want to encourage members to use IPCC descriptions and codes where possible. Our proposed standardisation for IPCC code format is: 1.A.1.a. Please use this when writing content to the Forum.

Embedding objects

Objects can be embedded into forum posts by copying the embed code from the object and pasting it inside the syntax [[html]] embedded-code-here [[/html]].

An example of this can be found in this post.


A search box (top right of any page) can be used to search the forum for keywords. Help on using the search is provided on the search page.

Watching and Notifications

By default, the site admin and all site members will be notified when anything on the site changes. This can create a lot of emails so any registered user can define what they watch. By clicking the "unwatch" link on the right of any page, a user can then watch specific pages, such as the forum main page.

To watch a category forum (the recommended way of monitoring relevant activity) go to the relevant forum page and click the start watching “category forum” link at the bottom of the page.

To receive notifications regarding the Forum content, any member can register to the RSS feeds provided……………….. A category RRS feed informs the user of any new threads or posts that have been added to the category (e.g. Stationary Energy) and a thread RSS feed informs users if any new posts have been added to the thread.

Wiki Syntax

The following text gives information on the syntax that is used in this site.

Quick reference

This is a quick reference of the wiki syntax you can use in pages. Click on any item to see a more detailed explanation.

+ Level 1 Heading
++ Level 2 Heading
* Bullet items
# Numbered items
> Blockquoted text
//italic text//
**bold text**
= Line is centered
[[<]] Lines are aligned left [[/<]]
[[>]] Lines are aligned right [[/>]]
[[=]] Lines are centered [[/=]]
[[==]] Lines are right-justified [[/==]]
[[size smaller]]smaller text[[/size]]
[[size larger]]larger text[[/size]]
[[code]] lines of source code [[/code]]
[http://www.wikidot.com Text link]
[/category:page Link to page]
[[[name-of-page | Link to page ]]]
---- Horizontal line
[[image :first | attachment | url ]]
[[image size="medium | small | thumbnail" ]]
[[image link="name-of-page OR url" ]]
[[f<image alt="Float left" ]]
|| Simple table || ~heading || cell ||
[[file attachment | link text]]

Useful links

If you need more help, there are several resources that you are able to use. Your biggest resource is the group of expert Wikidot users that can be found on the forums.

Wikidot Community

Visit the Wikidot Community
Ask for help on the Forum
Read the Community How-To's

Editing pages

Learn how to use the Wikidot editor
Read the Documentation
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Editing the theme

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Additional support

And if you need even more help, you can always upgrade to a Pro account, and visit the Pro ;-) wiki!

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