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The inventory submissions to UNFCCC, EU MMD must be transparent, consistent, comparable, complete and accurate. This section helps you to be transparent.

Why transparency?

In a sense transparency is a crucial quality criterion, since without it the other four quality criteria cannot be checked.

Paragraph 4 of the UNFCCC Reporting Guidelines1 defines transparency as follows:

Transparency means that the assumptions and methodologies used for an inventory should be clearly explained to facilitate replication and assessment of the inventory by users of the reported information. The transparency of inventories is fundamental to the success of the process for the communication and consideration of information;

Here we develop some further support on how to ensure transparency in terms of

  1. identify and explain all methods used
  2. list all assumptions
  3. reference all default parameters used
  4. list all data sources

Explain methods

List assumptions

Provide references to parameters

List all data sources